Architectural Work.

Some of my earliest recollections of making models as a child were creating heavily weathered models of derelict industrial buildings, however when most think of architectural models they imagine the slick, glossy sales models used to promote high profile new building projects. Between those two extremes I've covered a wide variety of work that could be summed up as architectural. If you need a glossy sales model for publicity purposes I'm happy to oblige, but most requests for architectural models are typically simpler sketch models just for internal meetings or to flesh out technical drawings for planning applications. Then there are the topographical models made at map maker's scales where the emphasis is more on showing how a group of buildings fit into the wider landscape than finer details of their construction. There have been a few occasions where other model makers have sub-contracted out the fabrication of mouldings or other detailing components for finishing their own architectural models. In dealing with museums and private collectors I've been required to model historic buildings for detailed dioramas, sometimes as full buildings at others times merely low relief facades of less than glamorous locations to act as a backdrop to display something else. Amongst all this I've also been approached to sculpt naïve whimsical little clay models in caricatured styles or paint 'portaits' of client's properties to adorn the interiors of their homes .

Aidan Campbell random slide show

Individual requirements for styles, sizes and types of model buildings or art work are as varied as the clients commissioning them, so however mainstream or unusual your need for a model building, buildings, part or parts of a model building or painting, please feel free to get in touch to discuss how I can help.


"Magnificent! Even better than the first project you did for me, the photo's just don't do justice to your work."
Dr. A. Sharma, Oxfordshire

"These are stunning - you are a genius! They are really going to bring the model to life. "
Mr D. Paton, Big Heritage

"Arrived already. It is beautiful, looks great and I love the way you have done the pillars. Thanks!"
Gillian Pengelly, Bristol

"An excellent job again, as usual I’m really pleased."
Mr. R Sweet, West Midlands

"I loved Aidan's fully lit conservatory scene... he's a professional model maker, and a talented one too."
Christiane Berridge, Editor, Dolls House magazine

"Your lovely model has gone from the UK to Russia and now on to the USA... thrilled with it so thank you so much for all you efforts!"
Rana Al-Falaki, Essex

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