Advertising, PR & Corporate Work.

Whilst it's true that a good proportion of my creative work is aimed at private individuals and specialist manufacturers supplying varied collectors markets, this is not the only work I do. I am quite used to dealing with a diverse range of institutions, either directly or through the marketing and PR firms representing them. Previous projects for prestigious clients have included working for the likes of Rolls Royce and the English Cricket Board, exclusive luxury retailers like Theo Fennell and Tanner Krolle, heritage organisations like the Tower of London and the National Maritime Museum through to broadcasters like the BBC and Sky TV along with Oscar/BAFTA winners in the world of film. Of course there have also been plenty of much smaller low budget projects for clients you probably won't have heard of. If my clients are diverse then the work I have done for them is even more varied, from making miniature eight lens spectacles for live tarantulas for a publicity project, through sculpting and casting presentation pieces for an awards ceremony, making planning application or architectural models and onto higher volume bespoke production of corporate branded promotional merchandise. In terms of work for advertising clients then my 'novelty artwork' commissioned for PR promotions has often been picked up and featured as editorial content across all sorts of widely accessed popular media from the national press such as the London Evening Standard or Daily Mail, to global websites like MSN, reaching audiences way beyond the natural scope of the actual market clients may have been initially aiming to reach.

Aidan Campbell random slide show

Although I normally have a lead in time for booking new projects into my diary, I do try to keep this flexible to accommodate the occasional tight deadlines or last minute nature of many of these types of projects. Budget and availability of materials permitting, I have in the past managed to turn some small projects around overnight ready for collection by courier the following morning. So if you think I might be able to help either you, or your own clients please get in touch.


"What you produced was incredible and achieved in such a short deadline... thank you for all your hard work!"
Carly Hewitt, Frank PR

"Here at MSN we embrace the weird and the wonderful - so when we saw these amazing carvings by miniature Artist Aidan Campbell we had to share them!"
Microsoft Network website

"I would like to thank Aidan for his excellent work which was completed in very good time... which was further backed up by compliments from senior staff on the day of the presentation."
Clive Breen, Rolls-Royce Plc.

"... got to say Wow! we're really chuffed."
K. Walsh, Chemistry Advertising Agency"

"The miniature 3D glasses were brilliant, in fact we still have them on display on our desk as we love them!"
Marie Wardell Hunter, Cake Group "Ideas Agency"

"I am so so sorry for the delay in replying, I have been ran ragged trying to setup our stand for the exhibition, but your dioramas look great and I very much appreciate you completing these in such a small timescale." ."
Craig Sutherland, Theo Fennell Limited

"The parcel has arrived and our first reaction is positive, the model looks good so we will be making our first holographic exposure soon."
Mr D. Stewart, Opsec Security

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