Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman

"I am writing to you as a great admirer of your natural wools and was very grateful for the fabric you supplied us for the costumes on the film Macbeth." Jacqueline Durran, Oscar & BAFTA winning costumier

"Thanks for the fast reply, the fabric was really fantastic as it's hard to find such quality." Nadine Coster, Germany

"Aidan was an excellent communicator and extremely professional in his dealings with me. The result was top notch, a perfect fit and great material and I would not hesitate to contact Aidan again." Dr Christopher Monk, Freelance cultural historian and Anglo Saxon specialist, Manchester

"Just informing you that I received the wool this morning. It is fantastic! Thank you so much for the prompt replies to all my emails and questions." Charlie Van der Put, Australia

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Replica Historic Cloth For Making Period Costumes

Historically accurate replica fabric for authentic museum and theatrical costumes plus affordable material for historical reenactment covering Roman, Dark Ages, Viking, Anglo Saxon, Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, and the English Civil War period
Replica Historic Cloth For Making Period Costumes
The days of making reproduction historic clothing from nylon and polyester are hopefully long gone, and claiming something to be authentic just because it is made of wool is not enough for many. Having been employed in conservation labs alongside two of this country's leading archaeological textile specialists I knew exactly what sorts of material I should be using for my own and my customers replica period costumes for historical reenactment. I realised the only way to achieve accurate types of un-dyed primitive fleece and yarn, correct thread counts and patterns of weave or reproduce the colours of period dyes was to manufacture my own fabric. As others heard about my project it grew to become economically viable to begin commissioning the spinning and weaving of various short bolts of replica fabric covering different periods including Roman, Viking and Saxon, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart. This lead to the birth of Time Warp Textiles producing and supplying both highly accurate 'museum grade' textiles and a more affordable line of 'costume grade' replica fabrics used for making all those breeches, cloaks, tunics, kyrtles and doublets. We usually have a modest selection of cloth in stock for immediate sale (details given in the newsletter accessed below), however the majority is bespoke woven so you are not limited to choosing from a restricted catalogue.

Click here to down load our latest pdf newsletter with details and prices of any cloth we currently have in stock, a brief outline of how this co-operative scheme works along with a short list of things we are looking to put into production in the future.

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The four images shown below could never sum up the diversity of clients or projects I have been involved with but they do hint at what I could do for you, whilst a better idea can obtained from the testimonials section and the gallery section of this web site.
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 Un-dyed Brown Woollen Russet
 Rayed (striped) cloth
 Winingas (narrow woven leg binding tape)
 Two Tone Grey Diamond Twill